A perfect fit for all ages, body types and flexibilities

Saves Money

Stop” Pedi Larceny”. Don’t pay for another Pedicure… ever again. Saves hundreds of dollars each year.

Comfortable and Safe

Tired of putting yourself into unimaginable positions to reach your toes? The Stedi Pedi puts your foot into the perfect position to do your own pedicure at home… safely and comfortably.

Task Light Included

Day or night there is never quite enough light to see well enough for your pedicure. The Stedi Pedi includes a super bright LED task light to brighten up your toes.

Pedicure Tool Storage

Compartments on either side of the footpad are perfect for storing your pedicure tools like clippers, files, and cuticle pushers or even your favorite color of polish. The pull out tray in front will catch any errant polish drips or clippings.

3 Ways to Use Stedi Pedi

Those with more flexibility can use the Stedi Pedi on any hard surface (a bench, chair or even the floor). Simply sit on a folded towel placed on the back portion of the Stedi Pedi to stabilize the footpad.

Slide the back portion of the Stedi Pedi underneath the cushion on your chair or couch. Be sure to push it all the way in to the “Insert Here” line. This positions the foot perfectly for a comfortable pedicure.

Those with less flexibility can place it between a mattress and box spring, making sure to push it all the way under to the “Insert Here” line. Your body weight and the mattress will secure the Stedi Pedi in place.

Try all three methods and see which one works best for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Push down on the end of the latch. That should engage it properly (see video link below).
Watch Instructional Video
There are times when you need a quick touch up between salon visits.  The Stedi Pedi is great when you can’t get an appointment for a last minute touch-up at the salon or when you notice a chip in your polish just as you’re getting ready to go out for the evening!
Obviously, you can save lots of money by doing all of your pedicures at home; however, even with just occasional use, the Stedi Pedi will pay for itself in a very short time.
With the Stedi Pedi, you are in complete control of the cleanliness of your pedicure tools and minimize the risk of contracting dangerous infections from others.
The Stedi Pedi is molded of strong ABS material and is specifically designed (when used as directed) to easily support the weight of your leg. Simply push the Stedi Pedi under your cushion or mattress to the line visible in the cavity immediately in front of the footpad.  You should not, however, stand on the Stedi Pedi or use it as a stool or step.
You might consider our lit magnifier accessory to help you get a close up view while doing your pedicure.
Yes, our optional Power Base serves as a tabletop power source so that all accessories can be used for home manicures, too.
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